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The Ruby Falls Fund

Offering Opportunities that Change Communities
through Commercial Development

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Ruby Falls Fund
We execute value-added and opportunistic investment strategies designed to mitigate risk and maximize value for our capital partners.

The organization draws on the credibility and relationships forged with tenants, banks, brokers, funds and other developers over the last 42 years.

Deal flow and detailed market knowledge originate from the firm’s in-house experience and relationships in the market. CCD Creates value through efficient deal sourcing and analysis and by leveraging development and operational capabilities. Tenant-driven development model under which CCD helps its retail clients implement their store growth strategy in certain markets.

Organizational resources include in-house, accounting and property management with experience over market cycles and asset classes.


Access to capital through: 


  • In-house dedicated equity;
  • Relationships in the real estate finance community;
  • Co-investments with the development community.
  • REITS, Hedge Funds, private capital sources;
  • No legacy problems to distract the firm.


Ruby Falls partners with you and the community to plan, design & build highly functional construction projects on time and within budget. Our Design/Build process matches your expectation with what you’re actually buying. We maintain a larger in-house workforce than other builders our size to ensure time-restricted projects stay on schedule and within budget.

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Offering Partners several strategies to successfully deploy capital.

Offering a value-added strategy primarily seeks to acquire existing properties that demonstrate the proposition for value creation through change of use, repositioning of the asset or hands-on property management



Feeling overwhelmed by all the planning your construction project will require? Independent of outside contractors, we can estimate reliable cost, schedule & logistical data for early feasibility studies prior to forming a project team. We also take responsibility by verifying information provided by outside consultants & contractors. Ruby Falls puts you at ease with our organized planning procedures. During design, we prepare the most detailed design criteria to ensure coordination with bidding procedures & trade jurisdictions. We also monitor their work for compliance with the project schedule.

Concerned about financing your project? We’ve established long-term relationships with many of the world’s leading financial institutions. As a result, we often arrange financing directly with lenders and avoid costs of intermediaries. Relying on our reputation helps lenders view your project more favorably because it’s being managed by a strong and experienced development organization. Here’s how we help:


  • Assess capital markets
  • Identify alternate sources & structures of construction & permanent financing
  • Conduct financial negotiations on your behalf 


100,000 SQ FT Retail / 50 Luxury Condos


4OO Acres Residential, Golf, Marina % Hotel




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