Adding Value to Properties& Capturing Maximum Value for Our Capital Partners.

It takes years of experience to learn how to push through the unique roadblocks in a project, we have been tried and proven.


Ruby Falls Fund has assembled a diverse and experienced core team of real estate, finance, and management professionals. This team serves as the foundation for execution on the firm's platforms in debt, equity, construction and property management. Ruby Falls strives to maintain the highest caliber employees and create an environment of collaboration through communication and respect.

Ruby Falls Fund is dedicated to the principles of innovation, integrity, community, and sustainability. We develop, build, own, and manage office buildings, strip malls, and residential buildings that set new standards in environmental responsibility and user efficiency. Our enduring relationships with our tenants and partners are critical to our success and have enabled us to change communities for generations.

About Our Team

We have assembled a group of experienced real estate, finance, marketing, sales, and development principals to maximize our corporate knowledge in handling the most difficult of deals.  With each partner having 30 to 50  years of experience in multiple arenas of real estate, we offer solutions for communities, capital partners, and project owners. 

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Bob Faulis

Founder / CEO

Bob Faulis has dedicated his real estate focus for the last eight years to the…


Eric Jones

Founder / CEO

Eric Jones began his real estate career in as a the Vice President of Land Acquisition for…