MARKETPLACE PLAZA – Project Description

Branding, Development



The Marketplace Plaza Project is a mixed-use project on a 3.5 acre (plus an adjoining 0.5 acre lot) site fronting on the ocean and consisting of two portions. The 2.2 acre portion of the site is located east of Front Street (bayside parcel. The 1.3 acre portion is west of Front Street (inland parcel) and is currently a paved surface parking lot.


The project would contain approximately 101,366 gross square feet of commercial retail and restaurant uses, 51 condominiums and 377 structured parking spaces. The property currently enjoys 10,000 daily visitors and should prove an economic windfall for the city with its development


The Project includes five new buildings, building A, B, C, E and a History Center Building. Buildings A and B include below grade parking for residents and retail employees. Street Level is dedicated to commercial retail including restaurants and specialty shops. Levels two and three are condominium residences. Building C is an exact replication of a former warehouse structure that also has below grading designated parking for residents. Street level is also dedicated to commercial retail uses. Building C has one level of residential units above street level retail. Building E supplies most of the public parking (254 spaces) both in below grade and at levels two, three and rooftop parking. Street Level in Building E is dedicated to commercial retail and parking circulation.


The only original, remaining building is on the bayside parcel. It will be reconstructed as the History Center. A History Center Plaza will surround the History Center. A Community Park is proposed on the inland parcel between Buildings C and E which affords expansive views to ocean from the public Recreational Trail that runs through the area and along the entire western property line of the Project site.
The project has special water rights supply to all the domestic water needs. There water storage tanks also located below the parking level in Building B.