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Bob Faulis

Founder / CEO

Bob Faulis has dedicated his real estate focus for the last eight years to the distressed market. During his five years as CEO of Stressed Assets Company he was involved with many high dollar capital raise and asset sale transactions in Manhattan. These contacts are proving valuable connections in the financial industry. After the stagnation of the commercial market in New York, Mr. Faulis returned his focus to the west coast and helped many homeowners in foreclosure during the meltdown.

With the slowing of foreclosures and the burden of dealing with many sad life stories, Mr. Faulis returned his attention to other markets. During his career he has successfully performed in the technology, management operations, strategic alliance, sales and marketing departments for Internet, real estate/mortgage, transportation, horticulture, and retail sales industries. His current efforts focus on adding value to medium to large development projects that have stalled for five or more years. His broad experience in finance, real estate and management joined with solid relationships build over the years are proving to be valuable resources to the Ruby Falls Team.

Underlying his foundation of business experience is a degree in Psychology and Chemistry from studies at the University of Pennsylvania and University of California, Long Beach. Mr. Faulis’ strong old-world work ethics and a determination to succeed is a driving force that is contagious to the corporation’s fellow employees and the company culture.